Save merchants the fees and make 3X the residuls

Tired of playing the same old credit card rate game? Want to offer your merchants more AND make more money? Join the best supported cash discount program in the industry:

What is a cash discount and why should I switch?

There is a lot of confusion around cash discount programs today, and not all are created equal. Find out why PayLo is the best choice for your business:

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Simple Enrollment

Merchants can choose from terminal or POS-enabled cash discount technology, Calculate the service fee and setup the signs. Everything is pre-programmed and ready to go.

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Automatic Accounting

With every sale, PayLo automatically determines service fees and cash discount amounts - helping merchants save on interchange fees at the end of the month and giving one simple statement.

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Huge Savings

Offer something new - truly transparent credit card processing that can save merchant's thousands of dollars every year.


Options and Savings

Know that you have options when determining your merchant’s service fee. In most cases, a flat per-transaction fee is the best method, while other businesses have better results with a percentage-based fee. Some merchants like to split fees with their customers . Try out all options with our savings calculator.

Merchant Details

Monthly credit card sales ($)

$0 $1M

Number of monthly card transactions

0 100,000

Current monthly processing fees

$0 $50,000

How much do they want to save?

10% 100%

What kind of service fee would they like?

Merchant Savings

$99.95 Technology Fee

Service fee to customer

Monthly processing cost: $99.95

Savings per month: $1.300

Savings per year:


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Great Equipment Options

Dependable Platforms

Wether you just need a rugged terminal, a full-service POS or a full web-checkout solution, we have the platform to help run and manage your cash discount program.

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Need a full POS? The PayLo POS can convert your transactions and much much more: Manage inventory, table layout creation, create & customize items, transaction reporting and multi-location ready.

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PayLo Terminals

The PayLo Terminals provide robust transaction processing. Durable and dependable, they are perfect for high-volume fast-paced sales environments. Dejavoo Z9 & Z11 and Pax S80.

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PayLo Gateway

Coming soon! - have a full-service cash discount business with the PayLo Gateway. All online web-checkout transactions will be able to process cash discount fees.


Automated Cash Discount Technology

  • – Meets federal and state cash discount regulations
  • – Built-in cash discount coding
  • – Automated service fees & discounts
  • – Automatically covers processing fees
  • – Detailed customer reciepts

Support You Can Count On

We want our PayLo Partners to focus on what they do best – sell the product.  To that end, we provide all of the marketing, sales, and merchant retention materials and training you need to get off the ground quickly. From brochures to videos, to websites and email… everything is easily customizable with your business information.

Here is what our partners are saying about Paylo…

Randy Veselka

“Agents are finding much success by being able to offer the marketplace a new and proprietary and patented approach to merchant services that hasn’t ever been available in the past. Agents are finding the Discount Programs are enabling them to greatly reduce merchant account attrition and increase net profitability at the same time. It’s a win-win for the Agents and Merchants.”

Owner, DTI Credit

David Arias

“It’s fantastic to be able to go to a merchant and offer something different. As an ISO, we get stuck in the percentage game, trying to re-work the same standard service offering and negotiating with our clients. With PayLo I can truly offer a program that doesn’t involve costs to the merchant or to myself”.

Owner, SeñorPay LA

Chad Jacobson

“It is something that business owners have wanted for a long time”, – says Chad Jacobson, a selling partner of SignaPay. “They are intrigued about the possibilities of reinvesting their credit card processing fees back into other ventures. They also love the flexibility of the program, of being able to customize it to make sense for their business”.

Owner, PROV3 Payments
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Getting Started

PayLo is simple to sell with no hidden costs or fees. Talk to one of our Partner Support Specialists today about becoming a PayLo Sales Partner.

Let’s talk today: 877.776.9953

or Request a Call

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PayLo Mynt POS

Expand the way you do business with the intuitive cloud-based PayLo Mynt POS System. PayLo Mynt POS’s state-of-the-art full-featured software packages are specifically customized for Bars & Restaurants, Retail Stores, QSR & Delivery, and Salons & Spas. With PayLo Mynt POS, you will gain advanced functionality that is multi-location ready and includes smooth transaction processing, inventory tracking, report generation, & more.
  • Accepts All Payment Types – Begin accepting all forms of modern payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay along with all secure EMV Chip Cards
  • Custom Menu Creation & SKU Load – Menu creation and SKU loading is included with PayLo Mynt
  • Complete Hardware And Solutions - EMV/NFC/MSR Terminal, 14-inch LED touch screen monitor, receipt printer, and cash drawer included
  • Rapid Repair – 2-day Warrantee Service
  • Equipment Replacement - If hardware breaks or malfunctions, it will be replaced for free
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Dejavoo Z11

The Z11 countertop payment terminal provides an easy to use EMV payment experience for every business owner. With “On screen Help”, easy access to frequently used options in the “Favorites” Menu, and a simple “Call Me” button to request a support representative callback, merchants love the ease of use and ISOs love the easy programming of Dejavoo.
  • Secure EMV Certified Z Line of Countertop Payment Terminals with EMV Chip Reader.
  • PCI Internal PIN Pad.
  • NFC Contactless Reader Standard with all the following features for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, ect.
  • Built-in loyalty program – no loyalty cards or host communication needed.
  • Connects with DeNovo business portal for transaction upload, signature capture, loyalty back up, batch notification, Call Me, Messaging and more.
  • Optional WiFi models for Tri Comm (IP, Dial, and WiFi) with Quick and Easy WiFi set up. Terminal finds available networks.
  • GoGreen with electronic receipt options, sends receipts to consumers via email or SMS text message.


PAX’s S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions. The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication technologies such as Dial and Ethernet. An intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad make operation easier for merchant and consumer alike. The S80 comes with powerful ARM11 processor and optional built-in contactless, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications, making this countertop terminal one of the most reliable in the world.
  • PCI PTS 3.x certified
  • PEMV, Magstripe and Contactless/NFC
  • High-speed 32-bit ARM 11 processor
  • 192 MB Memory Capacity
  • 128 x 64 pixel LCD, White backlit
  • Dial and Ethernet
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